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BusyCat post production studio is about stories...

-A woman sending her unique, but blurry picture taken on a beach, on the day she received an engagement ring...
-A researcher, planning an experiment, in which he needs to show the subjects manipulated images.
-A company owner with over 100 school branches, teaching small kids on how to play football.
-A musician needing his images to be ready for print in a major newspaper.
-A family wanting to save memories from their meeting on a sunny day in the park.
-Parents wanting to save memories of their sons growing up.
-Restaurant owners wanting to show their potential clients, how delicious their food is.
-Aspiring fashion photographer wanting to show her pictures to a larger audience.

Whenever you're a professional photographer, agency,
Or you're just a person wanting for his pictures to look their best,
We're here to help you achieve
either your small plans,
or your big dreams.

What is your story?

BusyCat postprocessing studio offers:

* Photo culling
* Color correction
* Contrast, exposure adjustment, sharpening etc.
* Color grading
* Blemishes removal
* Advanced skin tone correction, natural looking skin retouching

No matter what kind of photos you shoot, we can help!
* Wedding photography
* Stock photography
* Children & family photography
* Portrait photography
* Beauty & Fashion photography
* Commercial advertising photography
* Food photography
* Product photography